Scores of Civilians Killed by ISIL-Planted Landmines East of Deir Ezzur


The ISIL terrorist group has planed thousands of landmines along the main and rural roads of Eastern Deir Ezzur to prevent the flow of fleeing civilians to government-held regions, local sources said.

“The ISIL has planed hundred of bombs and thousands of landmines and anti-tank mines along the roads connecting Albu Kamal to the army-held regions to prevent them to empty the Takfiri terrorists’ under the control territories,” the sources said, adding, “At least eight members of a family, including four children, were killed by landmines planted by the ISIL near Albu Kamal.”

“Most of Albu Kamal’s residents prefer to spend much more time at nights to find a way among the town’s nearby farms to reach the army-held regions to evade hitting by the ISIL-planed bombs in main roads,” the sources said.

Reports said earlier today that Syrian military forces, in a fresh round of anti-terrorism attacks, targeted the ISIL concentration centers in different districts and regions inside and outside of the Eastern city of Deir Ezzur and inflicted major losses on the terrorists.

The Syrian soldiers clashed with the ISIL in al-Roshdiyeh district, which ended in the killing of 15 terrorists and wounding of several more.

In the meantime, the ISIL positions came under the attacks of the Syrian army men.

A number of the ISIL terrorists were also killed in the Syrian army’s artillery shelling in Haweija al-Saker al-Sharghi.

The Syrian army stormed the ISIL gatherings near al-Thardah mountain and the village of Ayash, which not only claimed the lives of several militants but destroyed their military vehicles loaded with arms and ammunition.