Sayyed Houthi: Foreign Powers Conspiring against People of Yemen


The leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement has accused some foreign powers of conspiring against Yemen and its nation amid the political tensions in the Arab country.

Addressing thousands of his supporters in the northern city of Sa’ada on Tuesday, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi censured political factions in cahoots with some regional states, noting that they want to ignite conflicts and create problems in Yemen.

He added that such factions try to wreak havoc in Yemen by ignoring the public interests of the nation.

Sayyed Houthi also warned conspiring factions against the dire consequences that their efforts will have at the end.

He went on to say that tension-seeking factions are opposed to the establishment of stability in Yemen as they could obtain their goals by means of chaos and turmoil.

Sayyed Houthi highlighted that Ansarullah is after partnership with other players in Yemen’s political arena, and that Yemen’s revolution holds no enmity towards neighboring Arab countries as well as the international community.