Saudi Fighter Jets Pound Factory, Destroy Civilians’ Food Supplies in Sana’a


The airstrikes on Sana’a resulted in the death of at least 20 people and injury of tens of others as well as destruction of a food factory in al-Aqel district of the capital city.

Al-Aqel factory where a majority of its workers were women were hit several times by the Saudi warplanes.

The airstrikes on Sana’a also led to the temporary closure of the Sana’a international airport.

Saleh al-Samad, Head of the Political Council of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement, said the airstrikes are against the international law.

“The aerial transfer of medical and food supplies to millions of people across Yemen has been halted as a result of the suspension of the flights from the airport in the capital,” he added..

In a relevant development on Tuesday, Saudi jets bombed a potato factory in the Nahda district of Sana’a. Over a dozen people were killed in the attack. More than half of the victims were believed to be women.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, battlefield sources disclosed on Wednesday that the Saudi-led forces failed to open their way into the Eastern part of Sana’a after sustaining heavy losses in clashes with the Yemeni army and popular forces.

The Yemeni forces confronted and blocked the Saudi troops attack to enter the Ninth region in Eastern Sana’a.

The Saudi troops sustained heavy casualties and lost a large number of military vehicles and equipment in clashes with the Yemeni forces.

Meantime, Yemeni Army Commander Hesham al-Sadeq said that his forces backed by the popular forces seized back more lands in Ta’iz province on Wednesday.