Saudi Arabia bribes their way off UN blacklist of child killers


U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, admitted on Thursday that the Saudi-led Coalition that is currently bombing Yemen was removed from the blacklist of child killers after the Gulf nation threatened to withdraw their funding from several U.N. sponsored NGOs.

Ban Ki-moon issued this statement just three days after it was announced that Saudi Arabia would be removed from the U.N. blacklist.

Saudi Arabia was placed on the U.N.’s “Children and Armed Conflict Report” as a “party that kills or maims children” and “engages in attacks against schools and hospitals.”

The report also attributed 60 percent of the Yemeni child casualties to the Saudi-led Coalition’s airstrikes. In response to these allegations, the Saudi Ambassador to the U.N., ‘Abdullah Al-Mou’allami, defended his country and stated that “we did not use threats, but such listings would obviously have an impact on our relations with the U.N.” The Saudi delegation has refused to meet with the U.N. Secretary General, claiming that this change in the U.N. blacklist was “final.”