Saudi Air Force Violates Ceasefire to Bomb Yemeni Capital


The Saudi Air Force has launched several air raids over the capital city of Sana’a in the last two days, causing damage in a number of residential areas, several sources said on Thursday.

“In addition to bombing Sana’a, the Saudi Air Force also targeted the Ansarullah-controlled Anad Camp and a number of districts in Ma’rib province, killing a number of civilians and fighters,” the sources added.

Recently, the Yemeni Peace Talks in Kuwait have been put on hold after the Saudi-backed pro-Hadi delegation walked out of the meeting.

The United Nations is attempting to get the parties to return to the negotiation table in spite of their substantial disagreements, however these attempts have been unsuccessful so far.

The Saudi army and its mercenaries have frequently been violating the ceasefire in Yemen in the course of this week, conducting a number of attacks on Ansarullah fighters and civilians in different provinces.

The Saudi-backed mercenaries also have been making attempts to advance toward the Central Security camp in Taiz province, and pounded the positions of the army and popular committees in Thubab city with their artillery fire