Rouhani Warns Petrodollar Backers of Terrorism: It Will Strike Your Countries


Iran president Sheikh Hasan Rouhani on Sunday warned the owners of petro-dollars against supporting violence and terrorism, adding that their countries will later the atrocities of the terrorist groups.

Speaking in an international gathering, President Rouhani stated that certain Islamic countries including those supporting terrorists with their petrodollars should know that their turn will come next. “Tomorrow is your turn; do not imagine that you have pitted these savages against others… Stop this bloodshed, manslaughter and killing of Muslims,” Sheikh Rouhani stressed.

He made the remarks while addressing the opening ceremony of the international gathering to investigate dimensions of the second Shiite Imam Hassan (AS).

Sheikh Rouhani termed those who destroy the houses of Muslims on the threshold of the holy month of Ramadan and claim to be Mujahids fighting for the cause of Allah as savages who know nothing about the true spirit of religion.

He called the current situation in the Islamic World as a catastrophe for Muslims and an occasion for celebration by the Zionists.

He further explained that the Zionist regime used the clashes amongst Muslims as an opportunity to repeatedly attack Gaza knowing that no one is even thinking of Palestine under these circumstances.

His eminence went on to highlight the importance of adopting initiatives (to change the present situation in the Islamic World) and said Muslims have to hoist the flag of peace as a tactic which was also used by the second Shiite Imam Hassan (AS).

Sheikh Rouhani stressed the need for all Islamic organizations, groups and scholars to create a unanimous extra-religious movement all through the Islamic world to fight off those embarking on brutality, violence and massacre of people in the name of religion.

He urged Muslims to work out ways to make the voice of peace and unity heard louder than that of blasphemy, ferocity and violence.

President Rouhanisaid countries which back terrorists with their petro-dollars should not feel happy with the false notion that they are just tormenting others through those savage groups because their own turn will come soon.