Resistance economy to defeat sanctions: Iran cleric


A senior Iranian cleric says the policy of the “resistance economy” initiated by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei will defeat sanctions imposed against Iran.

“The resistance economy will render all sanctions ineffective,” Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said in his sermon to worshippers at the weekly Friday Prayers in Tehran.

He added that within the framework of the resistance economy, Iran does not expect the enemies of the Iranian nation to lift sanctions slapped on the Islamic Republic.

“Iran will not become a paradise if they lift the sanctions. Nor will we be harmed if they do not lift the sanctions,” said Khatami.

The Iranian cleric added that resistance economy depends on “indigenous science and technology” and is based on “justice.”

On February 25, Ayatollah Khamenei called on the three branches of the Iranian government to seriously pursue and implement the general policies of the resistance economy.

Ayatollah Khamenei noted that there is a great deal of hope that economic prosperity will occur in the medium term and will partially alleviate the people’s economic concerns if the policies of the resistance economy are implemented seriously.

The Leader had outlined the general policies of Iran’s resistance economy in a decree issued on February 19.

As part of the program, the government must take action to promote “knowledge-based economy and domestic production, especially in strategic products and services, and the consequent reduction of dependence on imports.”

The decree also encourages greater privatization and increased exports of goods and services through legal and administrative reform as well as foreign investment for export purposes.