Report: 500 children undergoing military training by ISIL in Syria


Hundreds of children are currently undergoing training in the ISIL military camps in Syria.

“There are 500 children in ISIL’s military training centers in Syria,” the Arabic-language service of Russia Today TV quoted Head of the Anti-Terrorism Department of Malaysia’s intelligence organization Ayoub Khan as saying on Tuesday.

He noted that the children, some of them from Southeast Asia, are taught extremist ideology in addition to military training and man-to-man battle.

In May, a Kurdish official disclosed that the ISIL terrorist group has set up special military barracks in Syria to train the children of the Izadi Kurds that it abducted in Iraq last year.

“In addition to providing military training to the Izadi children aged above five, the ISIL also brainwashes them for future use,” an official of the Iraqi Kurdistan region said.

He reiterated that over 100 Izadi children are undergoing ISIL’s military training in Raqqa in Northeastern Syria.

The Kurdish official noted that the international bodies are aware of this military training program of the ISIL.

In August 2014, the ISIL terrorist group captured the town of Sinjar and surrounding areas in Nineveh province in Northern Iraq. ISIL kidnapped over 4,500 Izadis in the Western parts of Nineveh province at that time. Many more were massacred and thousands fled their homes and headed to the Kurdistan Region.