Raqqa: ‘Ghost Town’ Made by ISIS Where PRISONERS Live amongst Rubble with No Electricity or Hot Water


Raqqa is taken over by ISIS in 2013, where the people must live under group’s draconian laws.Women are banned from walking the street unaccompanied by a man and must adhere to strict Muslim dress code. They live with no electricity or hot water and are prevented from working so can’t afford luxuries like chocolate

Piles of rubble and burned out shells where families once lived. No electricity or running water. This is daily hell of those forced to under ISIS in Raqqa.

The first thing father of three Mohammed sees when he leaves his house is ISIS’s religious police, Hisbah, patrolling the streets, looking for people to punish.

‘I’m afraid to lose my children, I am afraid that my wife will be flogged for not wearing the right clothes,’ said the former teacher, 37, who was too frightened to give his surname, told activist group Raqqa Is Being Silently Slaughtered.

He added: ‘Things have changed from bad to worse under ISIS – the cost of food, there is no fuel or firewood.

‘Water is available but it must be boiled and cooled. There are fruit and vegetables and bread, but prices are very high. Electricity became scarce and we had to start buying it because the current only comes in some districts [of Raqqa].

Women are banned from walking unaccompanied by a man in the street. criticising the city’s rulers in public is punishable by death, Dailymail reported.