Rainstorms kill 22 people in south China provinces


Rainstorms have hit a number of provinces in south China, killing at least 22 people and forcing the relocation of thousands of others.

According to reports on Sunday, the rainstorms hit Guangzhou, Zhaoqing and Qingyuan cities in China’s Guangdong province, killing 15 people and inflicting material damages to houses and infrastructures.

According to officials from the provincial civil affairs department, since Wednesday the rainstorms have affected 800,000 citizens in the province. Sixteen national or provincial highways were closed because of the downpours.

Additionally, rainstorms killed three people in Guizhou province late Saturday and early Sunday.

The flood also swept Shaodong county in the province of Hunan and killed three people, including a mother and her daughter who tried to save their lives through a piece of floating wood. Some 320,000 people were affected by the floods and 24,000 were evacuated in the county.

Floodwater also washed away one person in Wenjia City in Jiangxi province.

Rescue teams are evacuating trapped residents and emergency response system is activated.