‘Quranic Days’ Programs Kick Off in Sarajevo


The Iranian Cultural Center in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, inaugurated a series of Quranic programs titled “Quranic Days”.

According to the center, the programs are organized on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan in cooperation with the Islamic Society of Bosnia.

The ceremony began with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Iranian Qari and memorizer Mostafa Esfehanian.

In an address, Nusrat Abdi Begovic, director of the Islamic Society of Bosnia, thanked the Iranian cultural center for organizing the event and said that the presence of Quran activists and Quranic artworks from Iran in Bosnia, as part of the “Quranic Days” programs, will help Bosnians know more about the love for the Quran among the Iranian people.

Ali Asghar Ameri, Iran’s cultural attaché in Bosnia, also delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, highlighting how Quranic arts showcase Muslims’ love for the Holy Book.

The programs of “Quranic Days” in Sarajevo, which will run until July 2, include an exhibition of Quranic artworks by Iranian artists as well as Quran recitation sessions attended by Iranian Qaris.