Qatar airway mysterious plane spotted at Gaziantep airport w fake tale marks.


Qatar airway plane spotted at Gaziantep airport w fake tale marks. Qatar airways doesnt perform flights to Gaziantep.

The registration mark used by mysterious plane belongs to another plane.

In the early hours of May 23 Prof. Haluk Savaş arrived at Gaziantep Airport after attending a professional workshop in İstanbul. Something caught his attention: A Qatar Airways airplane parked on the tarmac.

He thought this was odd. As a frequent flyer, he couldn’t remember there being Qatar Airways flights from, or to, Gaziantep. So Prof. Savaş took out his phone, took a picture and tweeted it: “What is a Qatar Airways aircraft doing in Gaziantep without any special occasion?”.

Gaziantep province neighbors Syria and its town on Kilis has been under fire from ISIS for some months.

His tweet attracted a lot of attention and other passengers confirmed they also saw the plane in the airport. Less than an hour later, he posted again, this time about his previous tweet: “Why has this tweet attracted so many people, I cannot understand. Just a simple question…”.

Comparison of the two A7-AHJ. Photo courtesy: Nokta Magazine
Comparison of the two A7-AHJ. Photo courtesy: Nokta Magazine

Investigating the aircraft

Nokta magazine started an investigation and found the plane was an Airbus A319 — Qatar Airways only has two Airbus A319s in its fleet. Ertuğrul Erbaş from Nokta discovered the nationality and registration mark of the plane was A7-AHJ and International Civil Aviation Organization rules say these marks can only belong to one plane. Yet after finding a picture of plane A7-AHJ taken in Germany, they are clearly not the same aircraft. This A7-AHJ is an Airbus A320. One of them must be holding a secret, but which one?

No flight information for a Qatar Airways flight to Gaziantep with the right registration mark exists, not on Qatar Airways’ databases nor the airport’s. Record wise, the plane is invisible. All the window shades are also closed, which is not protocol for parked planes. It’s as if there is something hidden inside.

Erbaş asked a retired Turkish Army pilot for advice and he told him that, in his opinion, the plane could be being used for the “dark side” of state matters. He said it was probably part of secret operations.