Professional Missile-Launcher Killed in Northern Hama, Army Regains Control over 3 Towns


The Syrian army continued military operations in Northeastern Hama, regaining control of 3 towns and killing one of the most professional crew of US-made TOW missiles.

The army troops engaged in fierce clashes with al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) in Northern Hama on Thursday, retaking control of the towns of Rabdeh, Arafeh and al-Hazem.

Meantime, a number of al-Nusra and Jeish al-Izza militants, including a terrorist named Hamido who is among the most professional crews of TOW missiles, were killed.

The Syrian army troops continued to advance against the Al-Nusra Front towards Idlib province after winning control over several hills, towns and villages in Northeastern Hama on Wednesday.

The army men pushed Al-Nusra back from the small town of Mawilah, Tal (hill) Mahsar and the village of al-Jamileh North of the small town of al-Hamra.

The army soldiers also captured al-Banat hill North of the village of al-Rabi’eh.

The army’s engineering units started defusing bombs and landmines planted by the terrorists in the region.