President Aoun: Lebanon Dignity, Independence, Sovereignty Priority


Lebanese President Michel Aoun stressed on Thursday that the country’s dignity, independence and sovereignty is a priority.

Shortly after it was announced that Premier Saad Hariri is going to leave Riyadh for France within 48 hours, President Aoun hoped that the current crisis which was resulted from Hariri’s resignation is now over.

“The dignity of Lebanon, its independence and sovereignty, are above all else, and it’s necessary for every Lebanese to feel that there is protection from all aggressions – no matter the source,” Aoun told reporters in Baabda Presidential Palace.

“I am awaiting the return of Prime Minister Hariri from Paris for us to decide the next step with regards to the government,” Aoun added.

He stressed that the number one concern for Lebanon throughout the crisis had been to maintain national unity and protect national security, as well as financial and economic stability.

On the other hand, the Lebanese president reaffirmed Beirut’s commitment policy of dissociation, “especially when it comes to confrontations between Arab states.”

Earlier on Thursday, French foreign minister said that Hariri “has accepted an invitation” to travel to Paris, and that he will leave Riyadh along with his family to Paris.