PM Assaulted Soma Residents After Refuging to A Market


A footage allegedly showed PM assaulting a mine worker and a young woman after entering a local supermarket to escape protest in disaster-stricken Soma district.

Two local business owner women from Soma witnessed PM assauting a 15 year old young woman when she said “What is my father’s killer doing here?”

G.K, the young woman, told the following:

“I was with my father outside a supermarket called Yeşil Portakal. There was a lot of criticism against PM. During the chaos [outside], guards and police head towards where we were standing. PM was also amid them. After that, my father and I entered a local market along with a woman who was working with us. Just as PM entered the grocery section of the market, a young woman shouted “What is my father’s killer doing here?”. Upon that, I saw PM gripping her head around his armpits and punching her several times. “Don’t do it, elder brother,” she said. I haven’t seen such a thing! I was terrorized. How can a PM do this, what kind of a vengance is this! I couldn’t leave the shock of it all day and night. It happened before my father as well. As I am telling you this, I am still trembling from fear. I fear that something may happen to me and my fiancee.”