Photo:Furious ‪Turkish‬ People throw plastic bottles in Martyr’s Funeral to Deputy PM and chanting “Killer State”


Thousands of Furious Turkish People protest and throw plastic bottles in Martyr’s Funeral to Deputy Prime Minister Yalçin Akdogan who is the key collaborator with terrorist ‪#‎PKK‬ and killer Abdullah Ocalan. Turkish People blame politicians who come to shed crocodile tears for martyrs and hold them responsible for all terror acts and massacres which soared recently in Turkey. The strong public reaction is believed to be the reason for the terror acts and massacres slow down recently.

Politicians and PKK officials who are in sham fight to massacre both Turkish and Kurdish community and give way to Great Israel in Southeast of Turkey were frustrated by the public anger.

Yalçin ‪#‎Akdogan‬ was the latest politician who was protested by angry participants of the funeral held in Kırıkkale province. Musa Erdem, an army officer, was martyred in Bingöl while his team was carrying out an operation against PKK terrorists.

Angry protesters threw plastic bottles to the ministers luxurious car and yelled ‘get out of here’. The furious protesters also shouted ‘killer ‪#‎AKP‬’ and hit the cars trying to escape from them.

Police forces could hardly protect the ministers convoy from the angry protesters. Government have been collaborating with terrorists for a long time and allegedly wanted to free head terrorist Abdullah ‪#‎Ocalan‬ who is the mass murderer of more than fifty thousand people from both nationalities.

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