Palestinians attend funeral of boy killed by Israeli forces


Thousands of Palestinians marched through the village of Beit Ein near Ramallah for the funeral of 18 year old Sargy Darwish, who was killed by an Israeli soldier who shot him at point blank range in the head.

Palestinians chanted anti-Israeli slogans as his body was carried from the mosque to the graveyard where they laid his body to rest. Sargy Darwish was one of 6 Palestinians who have been killed by the Israeli army in the previous 2 days in Gaza and the West Bank.Around his neck, Abdulla wore his brothers Kuffiyeh, stained in his blood. Abdulla Darwish: Brother of Sargy.This is his blood, he had this when we went there, this is his blood. I want to keep it . Never never will we forget. Last month, Amnesty International conducted an investigation into Israeli soldiers killing Palestinians since 2011. In a damning report titled Trigger Happy, they said that Israeli forces have displayed a callous disregard for human life by killing dozens of Palestinian civilians, including children, in the occupied West Bank over the past three years without just cause and with near total impunity, something they claim amounts to a war crime. Many students from Birzeit university where Darwish was studying also attended the funeral. Darwish was the second Palestinian that was buried in one day in the West Bank. Family members believe he was killed in cold blood by the Israeli soldiers while he was on his way home from university. They have called for an independent enquiry by the Palestinian authority and support from the international community to convict the killers.