Over 200 Afghan Diplomats Refuse to Cooperate with FM after Mission Abroad


As many as 203 Afghan diplomats who travelled abroad for duty have failed to continue their cooperation with Foreign Ministry after accomplishing their mission.

The Kabul based 1TV has found that a number of Afghan diplomats have applied for asylum in the hosting or a third country.

Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry admitted that the diplomats failed to return to their job in home country after end of duty tour abroad.

“But it doesn’t mean that all of them sought asylum,” said Shekib Mustaghni, a spokesman for the Afghan Foreign Ministry.

To overcome the problem, the Afghan Foreign Ministry is considering measures including withholding salaries for the last two months of the mission, taking letters of guarantee and paying financial encouragement.

Apart from refusal to return home, some diplomats have also been found hold dual citizenship and foreign wife, which go against laws approved by the parliament under former President Hamid Karzai.