One of Most Senior ISIS Leaders Killed in Mosul, Others to Flee


On Friday, Iraqi sources and ISIS confirmed the death of a high-ranking commander. Mahmoud Shukri al Nuaimi, a senior figure in the militant setup who also is known as “Sheikh Faris,” was killed in airstrike in western Mosul on Tuesday, the sources said.

Al Nuaimi was one of around 1,200 ISIS terrorists killed so far in the push to take one of the two cities remaining under ISIS control. Other ISIS leaders are attempting to flee.

In some neighborhoods, residents say, local ISIS commanders have started fleeing, leaving behind trained teenage ISIS Fighters to fight Iraqi forces.

The Mosul residents told CNN that they fear the teenage fighters as much, if not more, than other ISIS fighters because they have been brainwashed, have no fear and have a great amount of zealotry after being indoctrinated and trained for two years.

Though Iraqi forces are continuing to move in and free residents from ISIS control, progress isn’t coming fast enough for some.

With the city encircled by forces from the Iraqi army in the south, Kurdish forces Peshmerga in the north, and a coalition of Iraqi Hashd Al Shaabi blocking roads to the west, it’s unclear that ISIS leaders can do more than hide.

As ISIS loses ground in Mosul, they have been doing Mass Killing of civilians they accuse of spying for the Iraqi military.