One Dead, 3 Injured after Stabbing near Munich


A knife attack at a train station outside Munich in the early hours of Tuesday morning has claimed the life of one victim and three other people were injured.

In a statement to reporters, the press spokesperson for the Bavarian state police said the 27-year-old attacker stabbed the first victim in a waiting train at the Grafing S-Bahn station at around 4:50 a.m., Deutsche Welle reported.

The suspect then fled the train and stabbed a second person on the train platform. Afterward, the attacker hastily left the station and stabbed two other men who were cycling by outside. Police arrived soon after the incident and were able to overpower the man and take him into custody.

Police spokesperson said the knife used had a 10-cm blade and added that the man was not registered as a resident of Bavaria. Grafing is a town in the suburbs East of Munich.

Segerer said the man had made “politically motivated” statements but would not confirm what was believed to be said.