Official says Iran not going to pay anything to Turkey for gas dispute


Iran is not going to pay anything to Turkey for the legal dispute it has launched about the 25 percent cut in Iran’s exported gas to the country, an informed source in the Iranian Petroleum Ministry said.

Talking to IRNA on Saturday, the source said that the complaint lodged by Turkey on the issue had no results, adding that Iran is not going to pay for legal procedures.

According to the official, Turkey had lodged two gas complaints against Iran.

He said that the first case, in which Turkey had accused Iran of low retail, was rejected by the court thanks to the strong defense offered by the Iranian Petroleum Ministry.

In the second case where Turkey was seeking heavy compensations from Iran for alleged low retail, the ministry managed to persuade the court and Turkey’s claims were rejected again, the official said.

However, the source said, the court agreed with Turkey’s demand for a 12.5 discount though Ankara eyed a 25 percent one.

He said that based on the court verdict issued in the second complaint, Iran will pay about 2 billion dollars to Turkey as discount.

He said the amount of money will not go to Turkey in cash but rather it will be paid in form of gas transfer contracts.

Iran and Turkey singed a 25-year contract in 1996 during the visit of the then Turkish President Necmettin Erbakan to Iran on gas trade.

Turkey started to receive Iranian gas in December 10, 2011.

Iran is the second biggest gas exporter to Turkey, sending up to 10 billion cubic meters of gas to the country every year.