Not only israel but also partner regimes including Turkey, Qatar, KSA salughtering 90 Gazans a day!


Not only israel but also partner regimes including Turkey, Qatar, KSA salughtering 90 Gazans a day!

A fresh series of Israeli aerial and ground attacks have claimed the lives of at least 90 Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip over the past few hours.

This comes as Israeli tanks and artillery continue to shell northern and eastern Gaza, while fighter jets keep pounding other civilian targets in the densely-populated region.

Palestinian officials say this has been the bloodiest day in the Gaza Strip in five years.

Meanwhile, Israel military warned the residents of the Shejaiya district to evacuate during a temporary ceasefire it had earlier announced.

The Israeli army has announced that 13 soldiers from its Golani Brigade have been killed in overnight fighting in Gaza’s eastern Shejaiya district.

This raises to 18, the total number of Israeli soldiers killed since late Thursday when the army began a major ground offensive against Gaza.

Bloodshed has continued in the besieged Gaza Strip for 13 days.

Hundreds of Palestinians are killed in Israel’s unrelenting aerial and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip.

According to figures provided by emergency services, the total number of people killed since the Israeli operation on July 8 stands at nearly 435. More than 3000 people have also been injured in the attacks.

Sources say more than half of the victims are women and children.

Medics are warning of a serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza as hospitals are running out of basic medical supplies.

Palestinian Authority has declared three days of national mourning following Israel’s brutal shelling.

Anti-Israel rallies are being held worldwide in condemnation of Tel Aviv’s atrocities against Palestinians. The ralliers urge an immediate end to the bloodshed in Gaza.

Similar protests were also held in the West Bank, Chile, Lebanon, Turkey, Britain, Australia and Switzerland.

The protesters burned Israel’s flags and called for an end to its aggression on Gaza. They also demanded the boycott of Israeli-made products.