Next Round of Nuclear Talks Set for April 7: Araghchi


The next round of talks between Iran and six world powers on a final nuclear agreement will be April 7-9 and the venue is likely to be Vienna again, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said at a news conference late Tuesday evening.

Araghchi termed the atmosphere at the ongoing Vienna II talks as ‘good but also frank and serious.’ Today’s discussions were definitely ˈuseful,ˈ he added.

Aragchi said that while today’s meetings featured the issue of enrichment, peaceful nuclear cooperation and the removal of sanctions, tomorrow’s talks would zoom on the Arak heavy water reactor.

The Iranian diplomat said talks at this stage -which are slated to end Wednesday afternoon— and the next round would focus on the exchange of views before reaching a ˈcommon understanding.ˈ

While Araghchi stressed that the question of trust was ˈvery important,ˈ he also made clear that the ˈmain challengeˈ was to address the issue of mistrust.

He reiterated confidence-building measures were a major part of any agreement.

Meanwhile, Araghchi said Iranian diplomats at the Vienna II talks held also bilateral talks with their Russian and American counterparts on Tuesday.