New extensions of President Erdoğan’s palace will cost 320 million dollars!


According to the report of Erdoğan Süzer from Sözcü Newspaper, new buildings will be added to Turkish President Erdoğan’s Palace. Erdoğan’s palace, called “White Palace”, has more than 1.250 rooms (Maybe 5000 rooms). Turkish government paid 650 million dollars to build this place.

According to Sözcü’s report, a concert hall and a huge library will be built in the southern garden of White Palace. The concert hall and library will cost 320 million dollars to Turkish tax payers. Moreover, Palace’s library will be filled with books taken from the National Library in Ankara, which is the biggest library in Turkey. As soon as National Library’s books are transferred to Erdoğan’s palace, National Library will be shut down.

President Erdoğan is not known as a fan of books. In an interview in May 2005, he said “I don’t read books. I only read their summaries.”