Muslim World Should Hold Saudi Arabia Accountable for Mina Tragedy


Leader of the Islamic Ummah Ayatollah Seyed Imam Ali Khamenei underlined that the world of Islam should hold the Saudis accountable for last year’s deadly stampede in Mina, near Mecca, during Hajj.

As the first anniversary approaches for the more than 460 Iranians martyred during last year’s Hajj, some of their family members met with the Leader of the Revolution on Wednesday morning, September 7, 2016.

The following are exerts from the speech Ayatollah Khamenei made during the meeting:

“The Islamic Ummah (nation) was grief stricken when over 7000 pilgrims were martyred. However, no country, save for Iran, reacted; the others opted for silence. Their silence is a major predicament, which has afflicted nations of Islam; this now stands as a major plight for the Islamic World.

Saudi rulers did not even offer a simple apology to Muslim nations; how shameless and barefaced they are! Even if we assume it was not preplanned, the mismanagement and imprudence is a crime.  What guarantee is there that similar tragedies won’t occur under similar conditions? The world of Islam should hold the Saudis accountable.

During the “Mina stampede” thousands of people lost their lives, because of a regime’s mismanagement and abuse; additionally, Human Rights organizations opted for dead silence. Those who trust the international organizations, must open their eyes to the reality of such organizations. Sometimes they make a fuss about the rights of animals; however, when thousands of people have lost their lives in a major tragedy, they remain silent.

We must understand that the powers in support of Al Saud are complicit in the Mina tragedy, and similar incidents. USA’s hands are stained with the blood of those tragically martyred in Mina. It is with support of the US that the Saudi government committed this major crime, without any remorse. Moreover, in Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain and Syria, the American politicians are complicit in Saudi crimes. U.S. support has led the Saudi government towards committing crimes shamelessly and into stabbing the Islamic Ummah in the back.

One task, that is a must for the authorities of Islamic countries, as well as human rights organizations, is to establish an investigation committee to shed light on the truth behind the tragedy. The vicious and cursed progeny of Al Saud pays them hush money.”