Multiple blasts, mortar rounds hit Damascus


A car bomb and two booby-trap explosions have hit Syria’s capital of Damascus, killing at least eight people and injuring a dozen others.

Syria’s state television reported on Sunday that a car bomb had gone off at the Bilal Mosque near the capital’s Tahrir Square.

It said security forces had chased two other explosive-laden vehicles and detonated their explosives before they reached their targets.

Two booby-traps were also set off near the city’s al-Baitarah Square and Shuhada’ School.

A mortar round further landed in the area between the al-Saadat and Bab al-Salam neighborhoods, while several others hit the Bab Touma Borough and Baghdad Square at the capital’s al-Qadir Square.

It was not yet clear which of the incidents had led to the casualties.

Damascus has been largely immune to rampant violence by foreign-backed terrorist groups, which have been operating in the country since 2011.