Mosques Turned into Pubs in CAR


Extremist Christians in the Central African Republic have turned mosques in the capital Bangui into pubs.

After barbarically killing the country’s Muslims, the extremists have begun desecrating Islamic sanctities, alwihdainfo website reports.

They now use mosques, sacred places for Muslims, as pubs and the government of the Central African Republic does nothing to stop their atrocities and acts of sacrilege.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says ongoing violence has pushed most Muslims out of the capital city and the western side of the country.

According to the UN, more than 950,000 people have been displaced and thousands more killed.

The atrocities take place despite the intervention of French troops in the former colony.

On December 5, 2013, France invaded the CAR after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution giving the African Union and France the go-ahead to send troops to the country.

Many believe the French troops, known as the Sangaris, turn a blind eye to Christian militia.

Source: ikna english news