Mosques, key to unity and honor of Muslims


Iran’s Islamic unity center issued a message calling for tribute to mosques condemning any desecrating move towards holy sites.

Recent message issued by the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, has hailed 21st of August as the beginning day of Mosque’s Week calling all to defend Al Aqsa Mosque and all sacred sites, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
The message referred to the 2003 conference by the Organization of the Islamic cooperation (OIC) titled “Unity and Honor” highlighting the importance of mosques.
Referring to the beginning of Mosques Week from 21st of August, anniversary of the arson attack against Al Aqsa Mosque, the message called the day as an anniversary of the brutality of the Zionist regime against Islam and the whole humanity.
Part of the message runs,” At present it is quite necessary that all peace activists and defenders of the human rights unite to save Al Aqsa Mosque from the criminal Zionists and defend the oppressed nation of Palestine.”
It added,” Invasions and desecrating acts like destruction of mosques and killing of prayers which have been committed by Takfiri (excommunication) groups, is a continuation of the previous atrocities against Al Aqsa Mosque and arson attacks against the holy site.” noting,” We are in dire need of maintaining honor and unity and revive the Day of Mosques because mosques have been key to our honor and solidarity throughout history.”
World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has called mosques as the key to honor and unity of Muslims stressing that destruction of mosques aim at dispersing Muslims; therefore, we have to make the best of the World Week of Mosques and struggle for defending our sanctities as well as defending our honor and solidarity.