More Al-Nusra Terrorists Killed in Aleppo


The Syrian army killed a large group of Takfiri militants in mop-up operations in the Northern Province of Aleppo on Saturday in a new setback to the terrorists.

A military source said the army destroyed positions of al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups in al-Mansourah village, 10 km West of Aleppo city, killing all terrorists who were inside them.

Militants’ weapons, ammunition, equipment and machinegun-equipped vehicles were also destroyed.

The army troops also destroyed headquarters and machinegun-equipped vehicles belonged to al-Nusra Front-linked terrorist groups in the villages of al-Barqoum, Karasi and al-Howaiz in the Southwestern countryside of Aleppo.

Also on Saturday, the army destroyed positions of ISIL terrorists in the villages and towns of al-Bab, Maskaneh, al-Afash, Akouleh and Rasem al-Abed in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo.

The terrorists’ vehicles were also destroyed in the military operations.

There were no more details available.