Monument of Sincerity!!


EXC.VIDEO: Martyr Gn.Hamedani, just few days before his martyrdom in ‪Syria‬’s ‪Aleppo‬ crying to ‪‎Allah‬ to grant him ‪martyrdom‬!


Oh Great God, be pleased with us, We know that we are not bounded to martyrdom and it only happens with your will and if you grant it.

I am really missing martyrdom (crying and clearing his eyes with the chafieh and then continues…)

I don’t think there is more pain for me than the distance between me and the great martyrs.

My hell is now the distance that is between me and those Martyrs (they have martyred and I didn’t).

Oh God, Oh God of Emam Khomeini, Oh the God of Martyrs, Out of respect to the holy land,

please take us as well, be satisfied with us (without you being pleased I would not martyr) or at least give me the opportunity to be raised with the Martyrs in heaven and benefit from their feast that you prepare.

Those great martyrs that gave all they had for your satisfaction…