Month of Ramadhan, a time to stop chasing after our desires.


Ayatollah Hussaini Bushehri, leading the Friday prayers in the holy city of Qum, at the shrine of Lady Fatima al-Ma’suma (s), spoke about the situation in Iraq, the role of America, the virtues of the month of Ramadhan and the responsibility of the scholars in the blessed month.

His eminence stated: “The terrorist group, ISIS, are on the path of completing the plans of the enemy regarding the spread of Islamophobia and Shiaphobia in the world.”

“America works to spread sedition in the world and no possibility exists that the nation of Iran will work together with America on this issue.”

The Ayatollah stated: “The nation of Iran is steadfast besides the aims of the Islamic revolution and alongside its leadership; it will continue to shout ‘humiliation is far from us’.”

Regarding the blessed month of Ramadhan, the Ayatollah stated: “In the month of Ramadhan, the rewards of good actions are multiplied, many sins are forgiven and the station of man is elevated.”

He continued: “The protection of religion, of oneself, of relations with the family, the observance of the wellbeing of ones neighbours, the observance of the rights of brotherhood and being cautious with the tongue can lead to a person being forgiven of his sins.”

Stressing the responsibility of scholars to use this blessed month for the propagation of the religion, the Friday prayer lead of the holy city of Qum stressed: “The religion of Islam has stayed alive on the foundations of propagation and the Prophet (s) was the foremost in propagation.”

“Scholars must make use of the opportunity presented to them in the blessed month of Ramadhan for the propagation of the religion. “

Explaining the dangers of following one’s desires, the Ayatollah warned: “There is no covering or obstacle between man and God which is darker or more evil than chasing one’s own desires.”

“Those people who pursue their desires in reality sell their hereafter for this world and for the sake of their desires; they give up the hereafter in this life.”

Ayatollah Bushehri highlighted following one’s desires as the source of injustice. He said: “People who follow their desires are not able to act with justice in society; the chasing of desires leads to the misguidance of man.”

He continued: “One of the fundamental problems of our society is the following of desires and in reality it is the following of desires which turns the atmosphere of a society into darkness.”

The Ayatullah, in relation to a famous tradition of the Prophet (s), explained what the love of this world is. He said: “The source of many sins is as a result of having an attachment to the world. The world in and of itself is not condemned, the world is the marketplace of the saints of Allah and the Prophets (s) reached extraordinary levels in this very world.”

Emphasising the difference between living in this world and being attached to it, his eminence stressed: “The condemnation of this world in the words of the Ma’sumeen (a) does not invite people to become hermits; rather, it means that they should not become attached to it.”

“All the atrocities that we see being committed around the world have happened as a result of people following their desires and worshipping this world.”