Mike Harris: Saudi Arabia Using Nuclear Bombs in Yemen


American commentator Mike Harris said Israel is using Saudi Arabia as its surrogate to subjugate the Yemeni people as part of a larger plan to dominate the whole Middle East, warning that proof and evidence shows that the Saudis are using “nuclear bombs” against the civilian population in Yemen.

“The Saudi royal family is very aggressive and very dictatorial in their approach to the people who they judge as inferiors. Yemen on the other hand, is one of the poorest countries in the Persian Gulf region and they haven’t harmed anyone ever. So, I look at this as an act of Saudi aggression against Yemen,” American corporate consultant Mike Harris said in an interview with Fars News Agency.

“I don’t understand why the US would endorse or want to underwrite any form of aggression against this peaceful nation. It is a surprise to me; it’s against every American principle and it really gets me scratching my head,” he added.

Noting that Saudi’s invasion of Yemen runs counter to the spirit of international law, Mike Harris said there’s evidence of the use of neutron bombs against the Yemeni civilians by the Saudi forces.

“You [can] look at the other use of nuclear weapons by the Saudis against civilian populations. We’ve got documents and the proof of use of neutron bombs,” he asserted. “This is truly a crime against humanity that needs to be dealt with and brought to justice in the appropriate legal venues.”

The tactical neutron bomb is a nuclear weapon that maximizes damage to people but minimizes damage to buildings and equipment. It is also called an enhanced radiation warhead.

Mike Harris maintained that Saudis are waging this war of aggression against Yemen at Washington and Tel Aviv’s behest, adding that the Saudi royal family has enormous influence within the US government, Congress and media, entertainment industry.

“They have tremendous influence within the US government, within the US Congress and within Hollywood. They go all out to make themselves look like good people when really they’re very aggressive and [a] very nasty group of people,” he told FNA.

“Israel has an aggressive expansionist policy towards the rest of the Middle East; they wish to take it over to subjugate the people,” Harris said. “And they’re using the Saudis as their surrogates and in this case to invade, to subjugate and terrorize the people of Yemen.”

On the humanitarian situation in Yemen, Harris said it’s not clear why the international relief organizations such as Oxfam and the Red Cross are not intervening directly to help the war-struck Yemenis.

“Yemeni people have the right of sovereignty and the right of self-determination and it seems as if the Israelis with their Saudi surrogates are trying to stop that,” he concluded.

The Saudi war on Yemen started on March 25 in an attempt to block the rise of the Ansarullah popular movement in the Arab country.

Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen in the last 133 days to bring its ally, fugitive president Mansour Hadi, back to power.

The airstrikes have so far claimed the lives of more than 5,333 civilians, mostly women and children.