Mikdad: West’s Policies Uncovered During Crisis in Syria


Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad said Saturday the West’s polices have been uncovered during the crisis in Syria and the reality of their moral degradation was clearly shown both in Syria and Ukraine.

“Following the September 11 attacks in the US, the whole world was consensus on the priority of combating terrorism, but we have found a number of western leaders and their foreign ministers support the armed terrorist groups in Syria where the killers became armed opposition and terrorists turned into angels,” Mikdad said in a weekly article on Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper.

He added the western and US administrations have imagined that they found the weapon through which they can change the states’ regimes, mainly the colored revolutions with brilliant titles like “the Arab Spring”.

“Foreign Ministers of some West countries have committed two crimes; first against the Syrian people’s right when they supplied terrorists with weapons and money to kill and shed the blood of the Syrians, and the second crime was against their people when they mistakenly imagined that the issue will not be long in Syria, maybe few weeks or months, to change the regime in Syria,” Mikdad said.

He affirmed that after the 9/11 attacks, the US has ordered its tools in the Persian Gulf to close windows of terrorism, but after the outbreak of the crisis in Syria, it sent billions of Dollars through the Persian Gulf Arab states to the terrorist groups to kill the Syrians.

“The leadership in Syria didn’t come through external orders, but it came according to the Will of the Syrian people who are the main source to determine the destiny of leadership… Syria, after the presidential elections, confirms its priorities in combating terrorism and realizing a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria through an inter-Syrian dialogue and under leadership of Syria.”