Mikdad: Syrian Crisis Result of Israeli Plot


Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad said on Saturday that the global war Syria is confronting is the result of an Israeli plot.

Mikdad said in an article published on al-Binaa Lebanese newspaper that the crisis in Syria was an Israeli scheme with all its details and features, adding “Israel is nothing but a destructive factor to the Arab nation aspirations.”

“The aim of this global war on Syria, financed and supported by the West and carried out by some Arab rulers, is to kill dreams and hopes of the Arabs,” Mikdad said.

He added the message all should recognize is that Syria, as government and people, has decided to confront that war whatsoever the challenges were.

Mikdad stressed that liquidation of the Palestinian issue and the continuation of the Israeli occupation to the Syrian Arab Golan and the other occupied Arab territories in South Lebanon are in the depth of the aggression led by US against Syria on behalf of Israel.

“The boastfulness showed by the French Foreign Minister and the threats he uttered against Syria come in defense of the participation of hundreds of French citizens in the terrorist war against Syria including 300 French people who are fighting by the side of the armed terrorist groups,” he added.

Mikdad clarified that the relationship between the CIA, Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood is not a secret anymore, as it has been manifested by, the US and European policies and the meetings held between the US intelligence and representatives of Muslim Brotherhood with the presence of the Israelis.

He added “We have two occasions now; the anniversary of usurping Palestine and establishing the occupation entity on the 15th of May and the anniversary of resistance and liberating South Lebanon on 25th of the same month, and Syria, which has always been the warm lap and the strong back of the resistance, will always stand in the face of attempts of legitimizing the occupation of Palestine and naturalization with the usurping entity…it is the same Syria which is confronting the ugliest conspiracies hatched against its people and army.”