Lying, Ruins People’s Faith


Faith is the most precious thing believers have and try to keep with them all their lives.

Faith is a very precious treasure that nothing in this world is as valuable as it. The reason is that it is because of faith that one could reach happiness both in this world and in the world after. It brings with itself hope, peace, calm, and happiness, each of which has a great value.

In regards to faith, it is necessary to know that the precious things we have are always at risk. Therefore, we should all be aware that our valuable gift of faith is not damaged. Lying is one of the indecent deeds that could seriously hurt our faith.

The negative effects of lie on human faith are so much that Imam Baqir said outspokenly about it, “Liars ruin the faith.”‌

Imam Baqir said that because lying is the greatest barrier in the way of faith, in a way that the liar could never feel the real taste of faith.

Imam Ali said in this regard, “No one could enjoy the sweet taste of faith, except they keep away from lying.”‌

Therefore, faith and lying do not go with each other, just like water and oil that can never get mixed.

Now that you know how lying can ruin the faith, you might ask why is that and what is there in lying that is not compatible with faith.

In answer to this important question, it could be said that people lie in order to gain something or to get themselves out of trouble. While a real believer knows that only God could bring the good or the evil to his life, and to solve the problems in his life. That is why the true believers never lie.