Like Saddam Era; ISIS Cut off Tongues of 5 Its Own Members in Public


Five ISIS militants had their tongues cut off by their own Members after they tried to flee Fallujah amid Iraqi military operation to recapture the terror group latest stronghold in Anbar province.

Cutting off opponents tongues was one the common ways of silencing and spreading panic among people.

The terror group has led a brutal and desperate crackdown on deserters after government forces launched a massive offensive on Fallujah.

Sources inside the city said five of its members had their tongues hacked out after being sentenced by a “sharia court”

One insider told IraqiNews: ‘ISIS committed this crime in public in front of its members and citizens.’

Today ISIS execution squads have appeared on the streets of Fallujah, with orders to kill anybody trying to flee or surrender as Iraqi government forces advancing in the Terrorist Stronghold.

Later Islamic State terrorist group had set $5,000 for resident who want flee the city safely in the beginning, but the terrorist group reduced it by half to $2,500 as the Iraqi joint forces made considerable advances towards Fallujah city.