Lebanon grand mufti urges support for Palestine


Lebanon’s grand mufti has called on Islamic countries to take collective action in support of the Palestinian cause.

“The Islamic world is going through difficult times now, and it is necessary for Muslim countries to work out a solution for the matter and not allow the issue of Palestine to be forgotten,” said Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani at a Thursday meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Beirut Ghazanfar Roknabadi.

The grand mufti of Lebanon hailed Iran’s role in uniting the Muslim world and defending the Palestinian cause.

Referring to the crisis in Syria and the infiltration of extremist militants from the country to Lebanon, Sheikh Qabbani noted that Lebanon has never been plagued by Takfirism throughout history and that Takfiri extremists have no place in the Lebanese society.

Lebanon has been affected by the spillover of the Syrian conflict, with its north being the epicenter of fierce clashes between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Roknabadi, for his part, praised Qabbani’s constructive role in uniting the Lebanese society in the course of the country’s elections and underlined Iran’s support for stability in Lebanon under the existing sensitive circumstances.

The Lebanese parliament has failed to elect a new president to replace Michel Suleiman in its first round of voting and a second round is scheduled be held on April 30. No candidate received two thirds of the ballots when Lebanese lawmakers gathered to vote for a new president on Wednesday.