Lebanese Soldiers Kill Several ISIL Terrorists near Syria Border


The Lebanese Army targeted ISIL’s strongholds in the Eastern territories of the county near the border with Syria, killing dozens of terrorists during the operation, informed sources said.

“The Lebanese Army engaged in a tough battle with the ISIL terrorists at Baalbek highlands near the Syrian border-crossing and targeted the militant positions with a barrage of artillery shells and missiles in order to clear the heights around the Baalbek Highlands,” the sources said.

“The ISIL reportedly suffered a large number of casualties these past two days, despite trying to hold their ground against the Lebanese Army units,” the sources added.

Earlier this month, the Lebanese military forces carried out a series of attacks against the ISIL terrorists in Baalbek, which ended in the killing of several terrorists and destroyed the terrorist group’s hideout near Jaroud Qa’a.

The Lebanese soldiers also attacked a group of ISIL terrorists in Jaroud of Arsal.