Lebanese Hezbollah Chief Threatens Israel’s Offshore Oil


Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement Sayed Hassan Nasrallah said Hezbollah could disable (Israel’s offshore oil installations) within hours.

“In the battle for oil and gas, the only power you have, you the Lebanese people, is the resistance, because the Lebanese army is not allowed to own missiles,” Nasrallah said in a televised address in Beirut on Friday, AMN reported.

“If you prevent us, we prevent you; if you open fire at us, we will open fire,” he said in a ceremony commemorating Imad Mughniyeh, the party’s former military commander who was assassinated in Damascus in 2008.

Nasrallah’s comments came amid rising tensions between Israel and Lebanon over maritime border and Lebanon’s alleged excavation attempts in Block 9 which Israel regards as part of its own territory.

The Hezbollah leader would then criticize the US, calling them dishonest mediators on behalf of Israel.

 “The Americans are not honest mediators, especially when the other party is the Israeli entity,” he concluded.