Lebanese Cleric Underlines Role of Muslim Scholars in Tackling Takfiri Extremism


Senior Lebanese cleric Sayyed Ali Fadlallah stressed the role Muslim scholars can play in dealing with the threat of Takfiri extremism.

Speaking at an international congress in Tehran called “Muslim Scholars in Support of Palestinian Resistance”, Fadlallah said scholars should inform the youth about the danger of Takfiris.

He urged that scholars of the Muslim world should not allow the Takfiri extremists to distort the image of Islam.

He also highlighted the importance of Muslim unity for confronting the anti-Islamic conspiracies of the enemies.

Referring to the issue of Palestine, the cleric said supporting the cause of Palestine is in accordance to the tenets of Islam which say one should not accept or remain silent over injustice and oppression.

Fadlallah lauded the Islamic Republic of Iran for its support for Palestine since the 1979 victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The congress of Muslim world scholars in support of Palestinian resistance kicked off in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Tuesday morning.

200 prominent scholars and political figures from various countries are attending the international gathering.