Leader: Love of Islam, nationalism prevalent norm among the young


Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamanei has said love of Islam, Quran, and nationalism are prevalent norms among the young people.

Ayatollah Khamenei addressed a group of people, mainly of western province of Ilam in the occasion of the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (as) at Imam Khomeini Husseinieh in Tehran yesterday.

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to Imam Ali’s virtues in four categories of spiritual attainments, altruism, individual and social conduct, and serving the public.

“Imam Ali’s spiritual attainment including his deep belief in Unitarianism, his attainment of purity for Allah, and his worship of Allah are like deep ocean quite unfathomable and which are unknown, challenging the great men of the age, whom had felt helpless facing such a challenge,” Ayatollah Khamenei told the congregation.

He pointed to criticism mount on the true ‘obligation of the Islamic system’ of ‘leading man to Paradise’ to undermine it and emphasized that “Islamic system is committed to guiding people to true happiness; however, this does not mean by coercive measures, but by people’s natural an innate inclination; and the system should prepare the grounds and conditions to attain such sublime objectives and to guide people in the right track.”

The Leader of the Islamic Republic believed that the implementation of Resistance Economy articles and policies hinged upon the domestic capabilities and talents, and which intended to tackle economic problems of country. “Wherever we relied on the genius of talented and pious and pure youth, and whenever honored them, we had tasted from the boiling founts of progress,” said he, giving advancements in nuclear technology, pharmaceuticals, stem cells, nanotechnology, and defense industries as ‘the concrete examples of this reality.’

He praised the resistance and heroic achievement of the public, elites, and clerics in Ilam province in critical points in history of the Revolution especially during the Sacred Defense (8 years of war with Iraq).