Larijani Warns against Tension in Region, Stresses Iran’s Detente


Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underlined Tehran’s interest in the establishment of sustainable security in the Persian Gulf, and warned that certain states are stirring tension in the region by raising controversy.

Addressing a ceremony to commemorate the National Day of the Persian Gulf in the Southern city of Bandar Abbas on Wednesday, the speaker referred to certain countries’ attempts to change the name of the Persian Gulf, and said, “The reason behind this name game which certain sides are playing despite all the existing undeniable documents, proofs and evidence that even they have accepted to be true, is that they imagine this could be used as a leverage for political pressure (on Iran).”

Larijani stressed Iran’s policy of detente and increasing interactions in the region, since doing so “will help establish sustainable security, meet all sides’ economic interests and safeguard their honor”.

He called for collective efforts to create durable security in the Persian Gulf, and said the regional countries should stop rivalry for demanding assistance and support from the trans-regional states.

In relevant remarks today, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said security in the Persian Gulf can only be established by the regional countries and deployment of the US and its allies’ forces in the region has provoked insecurity.

“The presence of the US and the arrogant powers creates insecurity in the Persian Gulf since they are after their arrogant goals which are in opposition to the interests of the regional people,” Fadavi told reporters in Tehran on Wednesday.

He stressed that security of the Strait of Hormuz should and can only be established by the regional states.