Kurdish Forces Continue Fighting ISIL in Syria’s Rojava, Kaniye


The Syrian Kurdish Forces have successfully defended their positions against the ISIL terrorists and have pushed them back from Rojava and Kaniye, informed sources in the Northern and Northeastern parts of Syria announced on Monday.

The sources said that intense clashes between the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), and the ISIL insurgents took place in the Kurdish town of Sere Kaniye, Northeastern Syria.

Earlier this month, the YPG liberated two villages near Syria’s Northern border town of Kobani from the control of the ISIL terrorist group.

The YPG forces took the control of Arna and Hadid Southwest of the town following fierce clashes with the ISIL terrorists.

Fresh clashes also broke out between the two sides on the Aleppo-Hasakah road following the ISIL attack on the villages.

Kurdish fighters seized Kobani, known in Arabic as Ain al-Arab, on the border with Turkey on January 26. Since then battles have continued to recapture some 350 nearby villages near the town.