Journalist N.Stone: ‘Erdogan’s Adventurism’ May Bring Turkey to Ruin


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seemingly trying to restore the Ottoman Empire, but he has not learned from history. Otherwise, he would remember that one should not provoke Russia, who has gained several victories over the Ottomans in the past.

By encouraging the civil war in Syria, Erdogan did not predict its consequences for Turkey. The conflict in the Middle East is growing more and more complicated, including new developments and participants and the number of Ankara’s enemies among them is rising, journalist Norman Stone wrote in an article released by the Guardian.

Erdogan fantasized himself as an all-mighty leader who has made it his duty to raise “pious generations” and who is helping his Muslim Brotherhood allies in the Syrian war.

It is obvious that the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group has had help from Turkey, since Erdogan’s main goal is to overthrow Syrian leader Bashar Assad at all costs, the author pointed out.

“Erdogan’s adventurism has been quite successful so far, but it amounts to an extraordinary departure for Turkish foreign policy, and maybe even risks the destruction of the country,” the article for the Guardian read.

An inferiority complex and megalomania are behind Erdogan’s policy and it has forced him to take risky steps. After Turkey downed a Russian bomber over Syria, Ankara has brought down Moscow’s anger on itself.

But there is still some provocation in his actions. If Russia responded the same way the US would have to demand for a no-fly zone in the area, and then Erdogan could easily defeat his enemies.

However, his aspirations have failed. Now Western countries are likely to forget Assad and start cooperating with Russia to defeat the greater enemy, Daesh (ISIL). Thus, Turkey may find itself isolated.

One can only predict what will be the result of the current standoff between Ankara and Moscow. But consequences may make Turkish politicians feel nostalgic about the past, the author wrote.

“If there is one lesson for a ruler of Turkey it is this: do not provoke Russia,” the journalist concluded.