Italian Police Solve Century-Old Mafia Killing


A police raid against two Cosa Nostra clans on the Italian island of Sicily solved a 100-year-old mafia murder mystery.

More than 90 people were taken into custody accused of being involved in extortion rackets, Euronews reported.

Amongst them, one alleged mobster, Domenico Palazzotto, was recorded boasting that his great-uncle had been Petrosino’s killer.

Joe Petrosino, a New York police detective, was shot dead while on the island to collect evidence in 1909.

Petrosino was one of the pioneers in fighting organized crime and extortion rackets, taking on Sicilian and Italian gangsters in several American cities.

He was fatally shot four times in the street, while waiting for a supposed informant in Palermo.

His murder shocked Americans and more than 200,000 turned out for his funeral.