Israeli Spy Drone Downed Near Nuclear Site in Central Iran


Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has shot down an Israeli spy drone.

IRGC’s public relations office on Sunday announced that the corps’ aerospace forces tracked and shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The IRGC said the downed aircraft was a radar-evading stealth drone which was trying to enter the airspace over Natanz nuclear zone.

The intruding drone was intercepted by a surface-to-air missile, it said.

The IRCG statement underlined that the corps, along with other armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is prepared to comprehensively and decisively defend (the country) and retains the right for any reaction and retaliatory measure.

Less than a week ago, a senior Iranian military commander said Iran’s air defense units keep close watch on the “tiniest moves” in the country’s airspace, Lieutenant Commander of Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base General Ali Reza Sabahi-Fard said on Monday that the country’s entire airspace is closely monitored by the integrated network of air defense.

“Not a tiniest move will go unseen by the Air Defense Base’s sharp eyes,” the commander explained.

In recent years, Iran has made great achievements in its defense sector and has attained self-sufficiency in producing essential military equipment and systems. As part of these accomplishments, Iran’s aerial defense has been able to build a big part of its equipment and arsenal by its own experts.

Earlier on April 15, Commander of Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili praised the outstanding features of Iran’s new home-made radar system, dubbed “Raasad-32”, describing it as a great achievement in the area of detection and identification of different types of aircraft.

As regards the important features of the domestically-made radar system, Esmaili explained that the Raasad-32 can detect the flying targets’ direction, altitude and velocity.

The system is capable of transmitting the collected data to the Control Center from a range of more than 15 kilometers.