Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian’s House in Al-Bireh, Burn School in Jerusalem


Dozens of settlers from the illegal “Psagot” Settlement, built on Palestinian lands on Al-Bireh City, on Saturday attacked a Palestinian house in Jabal Al-Taweel east of Al-Bireh near Ramallah, occupied West Bank.

The settlers surrounded the house ,that belongs to Palestinian citizen Yusuf Allan Qar’an, and threw stones at it breaking the windows glass. However, no casualties were reported.

A Group of youngsters and residents of the area gathered and threw stones at the settlers who soon ran away. Israeli Police then interfered by throwing teargas grenades and sound bombs at the Palestinian youngsters to halt the clashes and take the settlers back to their settlement.

The settlers left the heavily guarded settlement through one of the main gates and attacked the house that is only 10 meters away.

On Sunday, extremist Israeli settlers burned an Israeli school that teaches both Arabic and Hebrew languages, spraying racist slogans on its walls.

Walla Israeli website said that groups of extremist settlers burned school in West Jerusalem, which enrolls Palestinian and Israeli students, spraying slogans like “Death to Arabs” and “No co-existence with cancer [Arabs].”

Israeli occupation police called the fire department to put out the fire that damaged parts of the school.

The settlers are suspected to be the “Pay the price” group that torched Al-Mugheer mosque and burned house in Khirbet-Falah near Ramallah during the past few weeks.