Israeli PM visits injured terrorists in Israeli hospitals


In further evidence on the unlimited support provided by Israel to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu visited Tuesday evening the field hospital established by the Israeli authorities on the Syrian occupied territories to treat mercenary terrorists.

The Israeli TV channel 10 said Netanyahu, accompanied by political and military officials, visited what the channel described as “the Syrian injured” in the field hospital and shook hands with them.

This visit by Netanyahu coincided with the attempts of Syria’s enemies to escalate terrorism on the southern front and the news on AL Saud providing new weapons to kill the Syrian people.

The Israeli TV channel pointed out that one of the injured terrorists in the hospital thanked Netanyahu for the “perfect treatment” he and other terrorists are offered, with Netanyahu wishing speedy recovery to the injured.

Injured terrorists fighting in Syria have been admitted to a number of most advanced hospitals in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1948 at which senior Israeli officials usually receive treatment.

Evidence on the unlimited support provided to the terrorist groups by the Israeli occupation authorities unfolds daily with the Syrian army personnel seizing Israeli-made advanced communication devices, equipment, weapons and ammunition.