Israeli footprints spotted in Riyadh war room, claims activist


Kim Sharif, Yemeni activist based in the UK slammed Saudi government for committing genocide in Yemen and claimed that the Israelis footprint is spotted in Saudi’s war rooms.

In an exclusive inreview with IRNA, she commented on a number of issues pertaining to situaion in her country and the region.

The full text of Q&A follows:
Q. What is the situation in Yemen at the moment?
A. On the humanitarian side it is much worse. It is an act of genocide by an illegal blockade because it is preventing food and medicine access in to the country.
Millions of people are skin and bone facing death by starvation which is unfair and is a continuation of crime.
The international community must do something about this because the horrors taking place. This is happening in front of our eyes and nothing is been done to stop it which seems disgraceful.

Q. Is Saudi Arabia going the same path as Israel by killing innocent people?
A. It is looking exactly the same. We have recently discovered that hundred and twenty Israeli pilots are inside Riyadh war rooms and are aiding the Saudi regime continuing to commit crimes against humanity, genocide by relentless bombardments of Yemen.
A very good example of that shows Saudi attacked a funeral hall that contained up to 1000 visitors and people are continuing to die because of lack of access to medicine or being able to get medical help.
It is an act identical to Israeli way of doing things. They did a double tap attack. They way it is done is that plane comes, it drops a bomb nd then people come to the rescue the victims meanwhile you think that the plane is gone but it hasn’t. It comes back and attacks again.
So there is clear intension to kill maximum number of people which is a typical Israeli behavior.
This also happened in west bank, Lebanon and the Palestinian people.
Now that we have discovered the Israeli personnel were in the war room it is clear that it is an Israeli idea
Of course the Saudi regime has special relationship with Israeli regime and it is in the open
We knew that this relationship existed for many years but now it is in the open and is a disgrace for the Saudi regime.

Q. So you claim that Israel is complicit to the war in Yemen?
A. At the beginning of the war I was hearing the cries of Yemeni people saying death to so and so, now I realize why. These people seem to have information, it is their country they know who is hurting them.
Clearly the Yemen intelligence services must have come up with the information of Israeli involvement in the war in Yemen by proxy and now openly there some evidence to show that 120 of their personnel pilots are in Riyadh war rooms.

Q. What have you done to prosecute Saudi Arabia for their actions in Yemen?
A. We have had a barrister earlier in the year to take proceedings on our behalf when we announce the setting up international legal lawyers to prosecute for war crime.
Unfortunately our consultant appear to have been purchased and have left which is a very rare experience which I have never experienced in the 25 years in the profession.
Luckily we have a better consultant who is a doctor and has written three books on international law and this is his area of practice and he knows what he is doing
We have proceeded to take necessary steps to present a formal complaint to the attorney general whose responsibility is in this country to issue a criminal proceedings of this nature.
We have submitted enough evidence to show war crimes, so we are hopeful the attorney general would do the right thing and apply the law of England and Wales.

Q. Will you prosecute Britain as the main arm supplier to Saudi Arabia?
A. I cannot comment on that, but all I can say is that the case is very complex
At the right time we will be telling the media what we are doing and how we are doing it.

Q. Should we hopeful to see Saudi Arabia at some stage be accountable for the war crimes in Yemen?
A. This is worse than Nazi war crimes. We should have learnt lessons from the Nazi war crimes.
The whole idea of UN was not to repeat that kind.
I would like to see countries who are rogue and commit crimes of this kind to be held to account because it is in the collective interest of international community and humanity.