’Israeli’ Fear of Hizbullah Escalates after Latest Aggression, Ynet: Risk Worth Taking


Under the title, “A Hizbullah Risk Worth Taking,” “Israeli” Y net daily recalled that “the attack on a weapons convoy on the Lebanon- Syria border, which according to foreign reports was carried out by “Israel”, is the seventh such strike in the recent months and part of the ongoing battle against the smuggling of arms to “terror” organizations, led by Hizbullah.”

“It’s enough to mention the takeover of the Karine A, Victoria and Francop vessels, the strikes in Sudan and the assassinations Israel has not assumed responsibility for, like the killing of senior Hamas member Mabhouh in Dubai – which were all aimed at damaging the smuggling system,” the daily mentioned.
It further stated: “The Hizbullah smuggling system passes through Syria.”
“”Israel” failed to prevent the transfer of weapons after the Second Lebanon War, and the organization equipped itself with more than 100,000 rockets, most of them inaccurate,” Y net highlighted.

It also said: “After that move was crowned with success, Hizbullah began working to obtain advanced anti-aircraft missiles in order to hit Air Force planes, anti-ship missiles in order to hit Navy vessels, and long-range accurate surface-to-surface missiles in order to hit high-quality targets deep within “Israel”.”

According to the “Israeli” analysis: “”Israel’s” policy has always been clear: Not to allow the transfer of high-quality weapons to Hizbullah, in order to maintain the “Israeli” army’s freedom of action in the air and in the sea and prevent the future firing of long-range and accurate missiles on strategic targets in “Israel”.”
It also claimed that “the Syrians have begun transferring advanced weapons to the organization.”

In a clear reflection to the recent “Israeli” aggression against Lebanon, the daily said: “”Israel” decided to thwart these smugglings. Taking good advantage of the situation in Syria allowed the creation of a “denial area”, and “Israel” – according to the foreign reports – attacked advanced weapons caches on Syrian soil which were designated for Hizbullah.”
“The latest strike was different. It was carried out in the border crossings area between Syria and Lebanon, when the arms had already reached Hizbullah,” it added.
Out of fear, the daily said: “First of all, the operation was carried out on Lebanese soil and it adds Lebanon – with all its complexity – into the game.”

“Hizbullah has diverse options of action, like firing from Syrian soil, domestic “terrorism” or activities abroad . And he is also a protégé of Iran, which joins the equation.”
Moreover, Ynet viewed that “The changes in the arena are challenging and require decision makers to reconsider the selected method of action every time. It has to be as vague as possible, with the widest possible “denial area.””

“The latest strike, the seventh one, has made the day-after equation even more complex, and has put Hizbullah and Iran in the game. It’s reasonable to assume that in the near future we’ll see more attacks on high-quality weapon convoys trying to make their way to Hizbullah. It’s important to do this in a way which will minimize the damages of the day after as much as possible.”